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Print Associations

Batch Print Pro - Batch Printing Software for printing PDF, Image, Office, Drawings and more.


Batch & Print Pro uses windows print associations to automate the printing process by using the associated 3rd party program, e.g. When printing PDF's it uses Acrobat Reader to print the PDF.

Example setup below for TIF format & Kodak Imaging Viewer:

In windows explorer or My computer on a disk go into folder options in the tools menu.
NOTE: For Vista / Windows 7 or greater this is no longer available in windows, use a 3rd party tool e.g. Types

Click 'File Types' and find the extension you're looking for (TIF in this example)

Click the Advanced button

Select print action then click the Edit button, if no print action exists in the list click the New... button and add a print action.

Enter the path + parameters (see print associations for your type) in the 'Application used to perform action:' edit box and Click OK many times. 

To test it out right mouse on a TIF file in windows explorer and select print from the popup menu.


Print multiple documents with ease.

The Scheduler
Schedule prints to print automatically to any printer at a specified time of day or month or year.


Directory Monitor
 when people drop files into hot folders on your network Batch & Print Pro will automatically send them to the correct printer.