Batch & Print Pro - Active X

For best results please run this demo page using Microsoft Internet Explorer

Input Parameter:

(The input parameters are the same as the command line parameters for Batch & Print Pro, see help for more information)

How this works
When you first open this demo page, the Batch & Print Pro Active X component will first download the example PDF document from to the local drive in C:\windows\temp\ folder.
The Active X component will then check to see if Batch & Print Pro is installed on your system by looking for the exe file in the install path, if the exe exists then the Active X component will then tell Batch & Print Pro to print the C:\windows\temp\test.pdf file that it has just download, if Batch & Print Pro isn't installed it will download the silent installer exe package from  and install Batch & Print Pro to the default install path, then the Active X component will tell Batch & Print Pro to print the test.pdf file.
Having problems with Active-X installing or repeatedly asks to install it?  you can download a install package here which installs it beforehand with elevated permissions:   also see Troubleshooting below.

For information on how to create an automated silent install of Batch & Print Pro click here KB0030 and here KB0031
NOTE: all the paths, downloads, files are configurable in the webpage.
Main Features
1. Batch Print files from a webpage
2. Auto Downloading of Batch & Print Pro install if it isn't already installed from http address
3. File downloading support for client printing, config files, other tools, includes existing file options
4. Popup dialog options / suppression of dialogs
5. Full Active X source code & example available for security reasons and so you can customize it to your needs
6. The Active X component is totally free to do what ever you want with
To download the Batch & Print Pro Active X source code and example web page, click here


When you get the screen above this is because the Active X hasn't been signed by , to do this costs money (approx $400 per year), the Active X source code and signing code script is provided in the source code download so you can veri sign it under your organization name.

For testing purposes follow these steps:-

1. you need to add our website  to the safe list so the unsigned Active X can be downloaded, click on Internet Explorer Tools menu in internet explorer and select Internet Options...

2. Click on the Security Tab and click Trusted Sites, then click Sites... button
    Uncheck Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone checkbox
    Enter  in the add this web site to the zone: edit box like in the screen shot below, then click Add Button, then OK.




Getting an error like this?

The reason is because IE is running in protected mode.

Trouble shooting Protected Mode.

Way 1) With Protected mode turned on & ActiveX is already installed you get an error 13 unable to write file permissions error. If you then click ‘Submit’ button (Not refresh or show new page)  this Security popup will appear:-

Once these settings are set it will never ask again and IE will be in protected mode for everything else.

Way 2) With Protected mode turned on & ActiveX is already installed, in internet settings, Security tab. Add your website to the Trusted Sites list and uncheck Enable Protection mode.   (this will be for those sites only).

Way 3)  Run IE without protection mode, Go into IE Internet Options...  Security tab, Internet   uncheck "Enable Protection Mode"    NOTE: this will be for everything.
or Go into windows Start menu, Search, enter: Internet Explorer,  right mouse on the result and select 'Run As Administrator'   this will run IE with Protection Mode turned off for that session only.

NOTE: We now have an up-to date downloadable install for the Active-X component here: //  so it can be pre-installed.

Google Chrome

By default google chrome doesn't support active-x components, but there is a free plugin for chrome that enables use of Active-X components.

There is a free Active-X enabler for google chrome plugin here:

Then open the webpage as normal in google chrome.  the first time you will need to click below and enable it, then refresh... (like below)


Using IETabs extension in google chrome, this launches a IE frame window within google chrome which allows you to run active-x components.

To install navigate to:

Add the extension, to automate it for a certain website link where the active-x is run go into IE tab options by right mousing on the 'e' symbol top right and selecting 'options' or navigating to the link like below:-

Enable Auto URL's


Add the website page(s) with the active-x to the list.  now when you open the page like below it will open in IE tabs within chrome.